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      How can I open a franchise store?

      For franchise information, please see the franchise information page.

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      What is Gap Inc.'s fiscal year?

      Our fiscal calendar is February through January.

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      What are the most recent sales results for each brand?

      We provide sales results by brand on a quarterly basis, and comparable store sales by brand on a monthly basis. See the Key Facts page for fiscal annual sales by brand, or Press Releases for the most recent sales results.

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      When is the annual meeting of shareholders and how can I attend?

      Gap Inc.'s shareholders' meeting generally takes place in May of each year. All shareholders are invited to attend.

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      How can I get a copy of the company's financial statements, such as the Annual Report, Form 10-K or Form 10-Q?

      These forms are available on this website. See the Annual Reports and SEC Filings pages. Our Annual Reports are generally available in early April for the previous fiscal year.

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      What is Gap Inc.'s ticker symbol?

      Gap Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as GPS.

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      Does Gap Inc. offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

      No, we do not offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) for our shareholders. However, a number of brokerage firms offer this service. Please check with your broker for more information.

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      How can I become a Gap Inc. shareholder?

      Gap Inc. does not sell shares of stock directly. You can purchase Gap Inc. stock through any licensed stock broker.

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      How can I find out how many shares of Gap Inc. stock I own?

      We do not have access to individual account information. To find out more about your holdings, please contact your broker or our Transfer Agent, Wells Fargo Shareholder Services, toll-free at (877) 262-8250. If you are an employee enrolled in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan and need information about your account, please contact E*Trade Financial.

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      How do I transfer my stock or change my address?

      If your shares are held through our Transfer Agent, Wells Fargo Shareholder Services, you must contact them in writing. Written notification should include the shareholder's name as stated on the certificate, the new address, the tax identification number and the certificate numbers. Otherwise, contact your broker.

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      What is Direct Registration?

      Direct Registration is an electronic system that gives our shareholders a safe, convenient way to hold Gap Inc. shares. See Direct Registration to learn more.

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      Has Gap Inc. stock ever split?

      Gap Inc. stock has had nine stock splits. The most recent split was effective June 21, 1999. The Board of Directors makes decisions about any future stock splits.

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      How many stores does Gap Inc. operate?

      See the Real Estate section on this website for a complete store count by brand.

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      I heard a store was opening/closing in my area. How can I confirm?

      Gap Inc. provides limited information about individual store locations. We're unable to confirm closings or other details on specific locations.

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      What factors go into the decision to close a store?

      The decision to close a store is always very difficult. Servicing our customers is critical to us, and we keep that in mind when making our decision. 

      Our overall corporate real estate strategy is focused on optimizing our store fleet and effectively allocating our square footage across all brands to better serve our customers.

      We evaluate our stores from a market perspective, and the decision to close a store is based on various criteria including how many stores are located in that market, where the stores are located and how the store is performing

      Information regarding individual store performance is not available.

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      What happens to the employees impacted by the store closing?

      Our goal is to minimize the impact to our employees. It's our policy to make every effort to keep managers and sales associates within the company by offering employees a transfer to a nearby store. When opportunities nearby aren't available, or relocation is not possible, employees are offered a severance package.

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